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Fly Girl: Amanda Epe

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I'm so sorry to have been away for so long. I've missed you too! I'm working on a project that you will be a part of very soon. Please stay with me until we have lift off! On the subject of lift off, I'm pleased to share the story of A Fly Girl with you today. Author Amanda Epe spoke to the lovely and enterprising Tundun Adeyemo of 'Black and Outspoken'. Enjoy the interview below. See you soon.


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A Fly Girl gives insight to the highs and lows in the world of a former BA cabin crew, in an intriguing travel writing memoir. Conveying tales from the America’s, Arabia, Asia to Africa the narrative is fuelled with race, gender and sexuality as the author walks through hip hop history and experiences terrain vibrations and eruptions. The author exposes her relation to addictions, alcohol, air rage and the life of the jet set, highlighting the history of British Airways at forty.
Amanda Epe

What books are on your Kindle now?

I am reading Bamboo and Fern by Ava Brown. I love memoirs and in this one we are in sunny Jamaica, it is really inspirational. Taken of the bookshelf once again, I am reading Adichie's Americanah, Chimamanda is so powerful, I love her works.  I am also re-reading The Alchemist by my favourite author Paulo Coelho

What book will you be giving away for Christmas? 
Mama Christmas is doing generous this year, look out for A Fly Girl at a price next to nothing.

What inspires you to write? Are you going to keep writing? 
Life and experiences mostly, but other writers play a part in my writing. I ought to continue as I know what is good for me.

If you had the opportunity to do anything all over again, what would it be?
A Fly Girl, oh yes I'd do that again but this time with larger wings.

Is it a time and place for African writing? 
It is a shame that African Writing is a new phase like our African attires, Ankara is now fashionable but we've always worn these garments, African writing is now more widely read, but still publishing in Africa is challenging just as it is for ethnic minorities to be published in U.K.

Talk us through the characters in your book? 
We have an activist, a caricature, an entrepreneur, some shopaholics, alcoholics and other addictive personalities like flirts, and of course the protagonist heroine. Also tourists, many ists, including a chauvinist!

Must we always look through the lens of feminism and race? 
In the next plane taken to another planet, when we elevate there, these words will be archaic. lol

Do women fart? 
We are only here in this world to be beautiful, broody, wifey and contain all our toxic gases in public, but I let off with a bang!

Why is your book different? 
It is an opportunity to read real life writing whilst going on a world tour of entertainment, adventure and history.

What two things would you like to be remembered by? 
‘Black and outspoken’, Tundun, but that is plagiarism so I say a seeker of truth and transformation

Would BA cringe to read what you have to say? 
BA have a history of offences with Nigerian passengers, they would hardly be embarrassed by my words, but they would fear to lose bookings and business if like many passengers I have spoken to say they prefer Virgin.

Is there a message behind your book? 
Take that trip to live your dream and aim for the sky.

Where can we find more about your book?
A Fly Girl, the kindle version is now available on Amazon. A Fly Girl will be available in print from Amazon, Waterstones and all good retailers by January 2015.
For deluxe and author signed copies for people in the UK, you may order from Blossom Books at
Connect with her on social media and twitter@msroseblossom

More on the Author of A Fly Girl

Amanda Epe is the first seminal story teller on the narrative of being black cabin crew with British Airways. Amanda Epe writes articles, essays, poetry, fiction and self- help. Her work has been featured in publications and anthologies in the U.K, U.S and in Saraba Literary Magazine Nigeria. A Fly Girl is her debut book, an inspirational memoir of her days working with BA; travel tales through the lens of a black African perspective. 
She has a Masters degree in Education, Health Promotion and International Development and her blog focuses on promoting health and literary art for women. She spoke to Tundun Adeyemo from

*Interview Produced by Black & Outspoken in conjunction with Lafia Media.*

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Come with Me on my Blog Tour: Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs

How are you all doing? Hope you're good.
I'm good. There's not enough hours in the day to do it all. But I won't complain!

Check out what readers have to say about Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs.

I'm doing a blog tour at the moment. The interviews and guest posts are getting me talking like I've never done before. Yes, I talk but I don't often talk about myself. Find out more about my book and meet some fantastic bloggers. My blog tour began on September 8 with my Australian writer friend, the lovely Denise Covey. Jump on the tour bus, any stop, anytime. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I'll be right there with you. Enjoy the ride!

The blog Tour

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A big thank you to all the bloggers who kindly gave their blog space and time to make this tour possible. Come with me. We'll be sipping cocktails!

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Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs!

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Hope you're all well and happy.
It's been one long journey but I'm here at last. I trekked hours, days, weeks, months and years. Yes, years. This piece I wrote recently may give you an insight into what it took me to complete the journey. To those who recommended the post on  google - 23 times - I am humbled by your appreciation. Thank you. It means so much. There was a whole lot more that I had to deal with in the psychological and spiritual realm. But I kept my focus even on my darkest days when I was hardly productive. Everything in life is transient...we must remember that.  As I write this, there are still challenges. Challenges are to be 'challenged', battled and won. We learn to fight so we can develop the strategies to win. Strategies make us stronger as we focus on our goals.

This particular journey took me three years. Remember when I wrote this? We learn as we face challenges. And boy, did I learn? I learned plenty.

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1. Not everyone who laughs with you is with you.
2. Actions really do speak louder than words. It's not a cliche.
3. You will know your friends when you need them.

Divas: Abi, Adijat, Betty, Oseyemi, Ronke and Ruky, thank you. Fiona and Freda, 'love you.

I'm finally where I need to be. I hope my journey inspires at least one person out there to take a chance and follow their dreams. We're only here once in this particular consciousness of life. We owe it to ourselves to tick that bucket list of what we need to do before the great exit. I've ticked one MAJOR thing off my bucket list. I'm #happy, #relieved, #cartwheeling pleased.

My book, 'Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs' is available across Amazon on Kindle and Paperback and also at Createspace e-store. It is a collection of 45 poems, divided into three sections: 'Albumen', 'Yolk' and 'Woman.' It is 'life' as seen through the lens of a woman who has traveled a few miles. Support a new author, I'll be grateful for your patronage. Buy, read and tell me what you think.

Thank you for coming with me on my journey. Your words of encouragement keep me going.
#Find something you really love. Do it.

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