Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Honour of Those Who Choose to Cry For Their Beloved Country: Silence is Not an Option

Eni ba dake, ti ara e a ba dake
(Yoruba Proverb)*

1. There are many reasons why silence will never be an option for many people who choose to expose Nigeria's problems.

2. The more we expose evil and madness, the fewer places they have to hide. Remember that.

3. To deride those who speak out about Nigeria's problems is to be in support of the status quo. You are part of the problem not the solution. Silence should not be an option; neither is attempting to gag those who are bold enough to speak out.

4.  Nigeria is bigger than any one of us. Nigeria's problems are not funny. They should not be trivialised or used for mudslinging.

5.  When someone says something negative about Nigeria that happens to be the truth, try not to take it personally. It is not about you. It is about Nigeria. You may not like it, it does not stop it being what it is.

6. You know what you feel and put it down like that. The activists and so called 'negative bloggers' know what they feel and put it down like that. The online highway is big enough for everyone.

7.  I am grateful to bloggers and journalists who expose the ills in my country. With your hard work, it will get better. I hope you never stop.

8. I know you will not stop. You will continue to be the voice of the oppressed in Nigeria: the people with no choice and no voice.

9. It does not matter to me whether as an activist you live in Nigeria or not. Why would that (ever) be an issue? What matters is that you speak out and expose the wicked and the greedy among us. I applaud you for your good work.

10. Miracles don't just happen. They are the result of hard work; real expectations borne out of hard work. And by 'hard work' I do not mean empty prayers asking God to come down and help you! How can he help you when you will not help yourself? If you choose to ignore the fire on your doorstep and attack those who raise the alarm, you have no business expecting a miracle.

*Yoruba Proverb*(Translation): He who remains silent will (forever) be silenced.

Enjoy: Pink - Try


  1. And that is all!!! I've had a crush on Pink since forever :)

  2. LOL. Toinlicious, I often find myself chuckling at your comments here and elsewhere. I think I've got some kind of mental crush on her too - if that makes sense:)

  3. A lot of mudslinging going on in Nigeria...Let those who want to speak, talk...last I checked we have freedom of speech unfortunately if it is against some people's idea...then you are in trouble.

    Post on point.

  4. Silence is definitely not an option. However, I wish we can sometimes do more doing and less talking. Unless the person is a full time journalist, there is often a doing to be done.

  5. Amen and amen to all u have written. I couldnt agree more.

  6. I agree with the points made. We should not just sit and accept the rubbish being dished out to us by people who want to oppress us and rape this country to death. Unfortunately, talking alone won't solve Nigeria's problem, cos these wicked leaders know we talk and hear our cries, but yet nothing comes of it, and they get wicked by the day. I am beginning to think Nigeria would not get better unless there is a serious revolution by the people. I hope to God that I am wrong about this sha.

  7. very well put especially the last point, people keep praying for Nigeria without action.

  8. "Miracles don't just happen. They are the result of hard work; real expectations borne out of hard work"
    Girl you better tell it!

  9. #On-Point. Esp. on #4.

  10. I guess the link below would be an example of bullet point 6 i.e. negative versus positive take (or 'spin' depending on how you look at it)


  11. Well written. Gbam on #5

  12. Gbam Gbam Gbam (10x). And that is why I write.

    Aluta Continua!@ Victoria Ascerta!


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