Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Looking Forward To...

Pounded yam with efo riro

It's so cold in the UK at the moment, I'm thinking of emigrating to Mars if the martians will have me. Shey it's warm there abi?

Foods I'm looking forward to eating when I'm in Nigeria - (in no particular order):

Roasted corn
Fried wara
Alhaja's rice and designer stew (shucks...forgot she's relocated to the US)
My mum's efo riro with pounded yam, stock fish and igbin
Lafun or amala and okra soup, dried fish, stock fish and proper nama.
Authentic naija suya!!!!

Is Beyonce still a role model to Obama's kids? Hmmm....

Facebook pals are funny, honestly. Whenever I need a laugh...Great therapy.

Probably my most random post!

Pic source: Literati


  1. Are you sure the Martians will accept you? Why not try Venus?
    It is below zero here too, I just feel like staying indoors all day and not stepping out.

    That is plenty food groove for you in Nigeria. Enjoy

    1. LOL. Hi OK. I put up the post then realised I'd bombed re: Mars. I remember thinking there was something funny about me saying 'Mars' but couldn't quite put my finger on it until I'd signed out of blogger. Hoped no one would notice but your eagle eye did the honours:)

      Can't wait for winter to be over...Venus is way too hot though.

  2. I'm hiding out too, but I have to go out once in a while. Enjoy Nigeria :)

    1. Thought I was the only one hibernating, Myne. Glad to know I've got company, with you and Okeoghene.

  3. chai!! FOOD FOOD FOOD! have a safe trip home.

    1. Hi dear. Haven't got a trip planned yet oh. Just kinda thinking ahead but it will happen in the next 15 months. On the other hand, might just do an impromptu and take off next week:)

  4. Have I wished you a Happy New Year?

    Totally random post, but who cares? We love you anyway :)

    1. Hey OS. Happy New Year, sista! I miss you oh. Love you too:D

  5. Have fun in Naija. I pray you hve a safe trip. Dont forget to bring stuff bck for us :D

    1. E neva reach time to go, Prism. Don't mind me jare. Just mentally preparing myself with imaginary explosion to taste buds:)

  6. That picture!!! shet. Enjoy your holiday and eat as much as you can :)

    1. That pic is torture, abi. I will not forget you, dear, when it happens.

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  8. Did Beyonce do anything un-rolemodellish recently? Been out of the news jare. Make una leave Beyonce for JayZ oo.

    Sigh. Dreams of Naija. Just wanna see my family. That's all


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