Saturday, December 22, 2012

*Guilty Pleasures of 2012

Hello people! Hope you've finished your Christmas shopping oh. As the year draws to an end, it's important to end on a positive note. So I thought of guilty know...those things that keep us smiling sheepishly to ourselves without other people knowing. Keeps the smile on our faces. Here is my list:

10. Rant on this blog! Hey, it helps. It's a stress buster...some arteries have been saved. Believe. Let's not underestimate blogging's anti-clogging agents.

9. Ignore annoying people...A work skill in progress, I'm yet to master the art. It is a guilty pleasure because...just because. Lots of tools to use without even raising so much as a finger most times or at other times, just pressing a few buttons hehehe. Whatever you do, you end up with a smile and it's a thumbs up for you.

8. Say my mind; and remain quiet when I can't be bothered or consider it a waste of my time. Self explanatory really.

7. Eat and drink what I like, as much as I like and whenever I like. Okay that particular guilty pleasure needs to end very soon. I'll savour every drop of Martini this Xmas and make the most of it while it lasts;)

6. Sleep more. Finally accepted my days of keeping late nights every night are over. Nothing ages more than a lack of sleep. I do no more than two post mid-nights weekly. I sleep earlier on other days and enjoy it too.

5. Fashionably Scruffy...This won't appeal to everyone. I've grown to appreciate the kind of dishevelled look that I carry sometimes. It's comforting that I don't have to make the effort or can't be bothered. Lol.

4. Passive Aggressive...Really got into the art this year. Seems to work particularly well with that gender of the third leg. Girls, I lie? :D

3. Bruno Mars...Locked Out of heaven: The beat, lyrics and moves...Can't get it out of my head.

2. Reavesdropping on Facebook. My favourite online activity in 2012. My eyes pop at some of the stuff people put out there.

1. Nigerian Chic Lit...I predict greater heights in 2013. I enjoy reading authors Kiru TayeLara DanielsMyne Whitman and Tolulope Popoola. There is a ready audience of readers. Keep writing, dear writers.

A big 'thank you' to all of you who come here to read and particularly to those who read and comment. Thank you for being here and making this blog what it is. I wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a fantastic New Year. 

*I use the term 'guilty pleasures' rather loosely.


  1. I smiled at your list. Fashionably scruffy huh :) Happy holidays ma'am

  2. Merry Christmas, Naija Lines. This was such a fun post to read. I particularly liked numero cinco. I hope the look isn't so disheveled to the point where people start wondering, or are you beginning to dig the "homeless" look style?

  3. Ha ha, nice reading this guilty post ;) We all have our lists like this and it's wonderful that we can share our quirks with the world through blogging.

    Wishing you the joy and happiness of the season. A fruitful, passionate and beautiful 2013 to you.

    Joy always,

  4. Hurrah for guilty pleasures! Have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2013!

  5. Brand new reader here. I like your list, especially #6 (sleep). I need a sleep schedule though.

  6. I dont think I share in any of these...
    Merry christmas

    - LDP


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