Monday, April 09, 2012

Cute Pudsey the Dog, and Mr Zip's Hustle at BGT

These clips from ITV show Britain's Got Talent speak for themselves. Just some of the many sources of fun that's been great to partake of in the Easter break. Both clips and some trips I've had around London recently, remind me of what I love about the UK. Enjoy. Happy Easter and a great week ahead!

Cute Pudsey clip on youtube

Don't Knock Mr Zip's Hustle: Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone?


  1. hahaha where me keys and where me phone is so catchy. I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It sure is, Prism. I could not stop laughing when I watched and had to go on YouTube for seconds. Can't knock the man's hustle jare.

  3. Adura yu just made my night. those videos are hilarious but talented.
    Where my keys, where me phone. Constant refrain for me i tell ya.
    And right now, I want my own pudesy. That was such a cute act. Of course they are not gonna make it beyond the 2nd round (i wont bet on that anyway)but it was worth seeing.

    Meanwhile did you see the wheelchair lady and friend dance? Sweet!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the videos, Ginger. Who knows - that song might get in the charts. Haven't seen the wheelchair lady and friend dance. Would look for it, thanks for sharing.


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